My Can River Odyssey Book: A Review

Are you a book lover? What types of novels do you like? Do you like historical books and novels? Do you like conspiracies and slaves becoming masters? Do you like reading about dynasty by Creoles of colour? Do you want to travel in the footsteps of African slaves? Do you want an insight into forbidden love? Here is a book for you. It is: searching for Bertha, My cane river odyssey. In the book, you find all. There are slaves and master. There is a dynasty struggling for its .here is injustice? You walk in the footsteps of an African American civil war soldier.

The Book

This is the story of the life an eighteen-century slave, and the author has explored the life of here grandparents Marie Therese and Claude Metoyer, a French man. They loved each other for 16 years. The life journey in intriguing as Marie gives birth to 10 children. Pierre purchases all to render them free. Once they become loose, Marie and her children acquire land and buy slaves. They are now wealthiest people of colour in Louisiana in the centre of the nineteenth century. The story goes on and engages the reader.

Now the story focuses on the rise and fall of their second-oldest son, the author’s fifth grandfather. Here is turmoil. Wealth brings problems. The slave becomes a slave owner.

Here is the courtroom now. Descendants of Louis are defendants. You will meet Rose Louis daughter. Her life is tragic. There is Balthazar; he is an African American civil war soldier.

The discovery of the resting place of bertha brings an end.

About Author

Linda S. Manuel is a teacher by profession. She teaches in Ohio public school system. She graduated in Arts in Elementary Education from Louisiana State University. She has a mastered in Curriculum development from Ashland University in Ohio.

She is a teacher as well as a researcher. She specializes in genealogy research. She researches for 20 years. She is married and the mother of two children. She is fond of reading, writing, and gardening and travelling.

The Salient Feature Of Cane River Odyssey

  • The story takes you to the nineteenth century, and you experience the making of the dynasty by creoles of colour.
  • You see the ups and downs of fate. You see slaves becoming master and wealthy slave masters.
  • You are travelling in the footsteps of an African slave and her French master. You see the deeds of forbidden love.
  • Here is tragedy and suffering.
  • You are in court and see the court proceedings.
  • , At last, there is salvation. Bertha is searched, and there is calm.


The book is excellent. It keeps the reader engaged from beginning to the end. There are interesting scenes. The style is narrative. It describes a personal experience in a particular tone. The language is informal. You are with the writer all along Cane. The book is readily available on Amazon and other booksellers online. A booklover must read it.